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Money Making Report No.9

Money Report
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Welcome to the ninth (I always thought it was spelt nineth, but apparently not!) money making report, here’s the last one.

It has been a strange month, I seem to be gaining external commitments, even though I was trying to cut down my work load. Too much of a workaholic. Did get a bit of work done here, the design is being steadily tidied up. The ‘Useful Stuff’ section being the major addition.

Project Wonderful was dropped, partly due to the poor returns, but mainly due to the lack of advertisers. It seems the 234*60 still lacks the popularity. 125*125 advertisers are very common on PW. I assume this is partly due to the effect of Entrecard.

    A quick congratulations to all those who got their A level results, I hope they were what you were after. I will try and put some freshers related posts up before the start of the next uni semester.

    Now for the money status…

    So my earnings so far –


    So far earned: $24.94 (approx 12.47) [+$1.98]

    Received: $0


    So far earned: 100 (approx $200) [+29]

    Received: 100


    So far earned: 65 (approx $130) [+5]

    Received: 65

    Matched.co.uk still seems to be the best, although I see trouble ahead… Otherwise I think I’ve got to try out something new. The ads from merchants on Tradedoubler seem to have done nothing as of yet. Although I suspect I need a bit more traffic and a little bit of luck if I am to succeed with affiliate ads. I’ve been working on a major page to be added to this site so hopefully that should generate some interest and traffic for this site. The ‘page’ should go live in the next week so look out for that…

    until next time best of luck,


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    1. Thanks for making this post. I haven’t signed yet for money4banners. I will sign up using your link 🙂

      Good luck with your blog.

      goofblogger makes money onlines last blog post..Should You Use Private Label Articles To Make Money Online

    2. Martyn @ MMSNo Gravatar

      Thanks Goofblogger, I hope you get approved and best of luck with it.


      Martyn @ MMSs last blog post..Money Making Report No.9

    3. I was looking into matched.co.uk I was wondering, though, if they payout to the U.S. do you have any idea?

    4. Martyn @ MMSNo Gravatar

      Hi Justin,

      I’m not entirely sure if I’m honest. They pay through either a UK bank account or PayPal. So I assume PayPal would be ok, you may lose out a little with the conversion from Pound Sterling to US Dollars. But otherwise I dont see a problem there. As for advertisers, I think the vast majority would be targeting UK visitors, so getting ads for a U.S. site may be more difficult. Although from taking a look through the publisher directory, it looks like U.S. sites have been accepted. Also the default option when signing up is UK, although you can select another country.

      So I assume the answer to your question is yes, but I can’t be sure.
      Hope that helps,

      Martyn @ MMSs last blog post..Money Making Report No.9

    5. I got rejected by matched.co.uk!

      I also don’t use adsense on my blog for fear of getting “smart priced” (I get fairly good adsense earnings from irishviews.com).

      I might give money4banners a go though…

      Jordan McClementss last blog post..Trees

    6. Martyn @ MMSNo Gravatar

      Hi Jordan,

      Don’t see why matched.co.uk rejected you, any idea why?

      I think adsense is a bit hit or miss, right niche it can be brilliant (so i’m told!), but for blogs I’m not sure it is the way to go…

      I would recommend money4banners they pay less than matched, but they are a lot less hassle!

      best of luck,

      Martyn @ MMSs last blog post..Money Making Report No.9

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