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Brand New Pages – 50 Fab Freebies

Time for a Pint
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Been a bit quieter of late, but I have been working hard on some new pages!

50 Fab Freebies

I have tried to collect together the best resources that are firstly free and secondaly a great help to students like me! If you see any more great sites out there let me know and they will be added.

More stuff coming soon, with the start of term not far away!



Tesco Attempts to Challenge iTunes Music Download Dominance

Music guitar
photo by JEKY

Music is very important to students, I had not been exposed to such a wide range of music until I started uni.

It will be no surprise that the iPod and iTunes are a students best friend. But can Britain’s biggest supermarket muscle in on iTunes market share when it comes to downloadable music?

Well Tesco have just relaunched there music download service, rebranding it Tesco Digital.

Not that imaginative, but it’s to the point.
Tesco Digital
So apart from the flashy new website. What can students and others expect from this relaunched service? [Read more]

Ultimate Free Software for Students

free software
photo by archie4oz

Now I fully know students like me don’t want to pay for anything, if they can get away with it. As is said the best things in life are free.

This is true of software, but trying to find viable replacements to the expensive mainstream software such as Microsoft Office can be hard. But over the last few years there has been a small revolution. Initially free software was poor or well below standard. This is still true in some aspects, but there are some cracking freebies that nearly or more frequently than not, out perform there expensive competitors. I always use free software, here are my favourite free essentials:


Well, no competition here, it has to be Firefox, why? It is more reliable, less likely to let viruses through and in my opinion more aesthetically pleasing than Microsofts equivalent – Internet Explorer. [Read more]

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