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Money Making Report No.3

Money Report
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Welcome to the third money making report, it doesn’t seem long since I did the last one.

A few developments, firstly I have signed up for Adtoll and Project Wonderful.

Secondly I have suffered from a couple of server problems, not of my own doing, I assure you! My hosting company has been most helpful in keeping customers informed about the state of play with the server that this and our other sites are based on. But I have lost 2 days traffic, may not sound much, but the collective effect may be damaging to traffic levels over the long run.

I have decided earnings from surveys will not be included, this is because they are sporadic and not influenced by my actions, although I will make the odd post about how that is going in the future.

This month will not see a breakdown of AdToll or Project Wonderful earnings, because they have not been running for a full month, also earnings are low ($0.20 and $1.45 respectively). Earnings from Project Wonderful may also be reinvested into advertising, therefore amount may go up and down. Posts on these two new advertising services will follow soon, but lets just say I am very impressed with Project Wonderful.

Down to business… [Read more]

The 4 Pís of Marketing and your Blog, Product!

Marketing Mix
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Following on from my first post in this series on the marketing mix, I would like to introduce the first ‘P’ of the 4 P’s.


Traditionally this refers to a product or service provided by a business.

Relating this to a blog or website is quite easy. Your blog (website) provides a service in that it educates, informs or entertains visitors. If it does not do this for your visitors from your target market, it may fail to achieve any notable growth or maintain existing readers.

Remember content is key, therefore has to be created with your target audience in mind. Failure to do so, is likely to not generate repeat visits. This being crucial inorder to obtain a loyal (and growing number of) visitors.

Trying not to go off topic to is often the best bet, your readers are probably only interested in your main topics, so writing off topic can put people off. A little variety to spice things up, can’t be condemmed, just do it sparingly.

Another point worth considering is to make your blog differentiated from the many ‘me-to’ blogs in your niche. Building a brand or unique identity differentiates you, therefore making your blog more memorable to visitors. Allowing you to stand out in a crowd.

This can be achieved in several ways or by a combination. Some of the most important include using a unique design to your blog, e.g customise your theme, by changing colors or the header, or for the more advanced/adventurous try building your own theme/site from scratch. Also you could try writing in an interesting writing style, although just being yourself can lead to a writing style that is unique. They are just a couple of ideas for now.

Ultimately remember your content must fulfill the wants and needs of your visitors; research, find out what they are, investigate how competing blogs target your niche. Find weaknesses and try and fill the gap.

Finally remember, Product is only one of the 4 P’s, the other 3 (Price, Promotion, Place) will follow later in this series. Product is an essential ingredient but it must also be blended with the 3 other P’s in order to gain the maximum effect.

Best of luck,


Pancake Day!

photo by Paul Albertella

Yep, I couldn’t think of a better title. Today is a perfect excuse to have a go at making pancakes, the chance for students to work together perfecting the art of making and tossing pancakes. It is probable one of the best opportunities to get flat/house mates together for a fun cost effective meal!

Lets face it, this could be one of the cheapest meals you make all year, although it does depend on what topping takes your fancy!

Firstly, don’t bother with ready made pancake mixes, it is easy enough to make your own mix.

Here’s the recipe I use:


110g/3.9oz Plain Flour

2 Eggs

275ml/9.6fl oz Whole Milk



  1. Sieve flour into mixing bowl.
  2. Make a well in the flour and break the 2 eggs into well, whisk in eggs to make ‘dough’ like.
  3. Then slowly add milk whilst whisking, fork is suitable, although hard work!
  4. Melt a little butter into frying pan and add enough mix to cover bottom of pan.
  5. Turnover pancake once cooked on one side, or toss if you are skilled enough!
  6. Was cooked on both sides and serve with your favorite topping.

The recipe I use makes about 12ish depending on the size of frying pan used. You could also use water instead of totally milk, it’s just my preference.

The topping is upto you, I usually go for lemon juice and sugar, golden syrup or ‘Thunder & Lightning’, a Cornish topping with Cornish clotted cream and golden syrup drizzled on top. Although I’m sure there are plenty of delicious alternatives, maybe you can suggest some of your favourites for readers and me to try!

Hope you enjoyed your pancakes!Martyn.

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