Are Your Opinions Worth Paying For?

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Yes, but why? Well everyone is interested in other people’s opinion, whether this is politicians wanting to know which way you vote or businesses wondering whether you like product A or B. Even reading blogs shows an interest in opinions of others. But can you gain money from giving such an opinion? Well yes you can:-

YouGov is an independent research agency. Companies commission YouGov to survey people about all sorts of things so they can improve their knowledge of the market. By signing up to YouGov you could be selected to take part in one of these surveys. For each one you complete you earn money, not much, we’re talking 50p’s to a pound. So potential earnings are low but the surveys are quick and easy to complete (generally ticking boxes), and from the ones I’ve done they take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. The downside is you may only be asked to do one survey a week or less, so earning opportunities are a little tight. Also you need to earn 50 before you get a cheque. At the rate I’m currently going at, I will receive my first cheque this time next year, so not a great earner. But if you are patient and can wait then maybe it’s worth a try especially if you don’t plan on having a blog or website. One other plus side is you can earn commission for recommending a friend! It you refer a friend, you receive equivalent amounts for every survey they complete in the first 3 months. Before I stop I must mention, Residents of the U.S. and Middle East can also take part, although I think there are separate sites for these area. Just check around the main site!




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