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TV MarketingI’ve been doing a few surveys online lately, testing which ones I would recommend to others. Well earlier today I did a survey about lager, which showed me some adverts and then asked questions about how I felt when I saw these adverts. To be honest all these adverts were pretty bland and uninteresting. But one advert people have been talking about lately is the Cadbury Advert. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here it is :-

[youtube TnzFRV1LwIo Cadbury’s Gorilla Advert]

Strange, a bit different you may say, but I think its quite fun and attracts your attention. But so many people have said or I have over heard saying, how does it advertise chocolate? Well showing the advert has obviously got people talking about the advert and therefore the brand involved (Cadbury’s). So therefore it’s not only getting exposure on telly and through video sharing sites such as youtube, but also via word of mouth. Which in my opinion is the most effective form of marketing a product, because you are more likely to trust and believe information from a friend, than when you are told to ‘buy product X, because ….’, by someone you don’t know. Also this advert shows great use of subliminal advertising techniques, this is when a company tries to promote product ‘A’ without talking about or directly showing the product in use. This method is often used in films where companies pay to have there products used, such as in the James Bond films. Where you see Aston Martin, Jaguar, or BMW cars, or brands of mobile phones and watches being used. They are there so you subconsciously associate the products with desirable elements such as style, speed, glamour e.t.c.

Returning to the Cadbury advert, without mentioning chocolate, it has caused more of a stir, people have then talked about it, then re-linked it back to the product the advert is ultimately trying to increase sales for, bars of Dairy Milk. In the end very clever indeed, but why am I so interested? Well could this form of marketing be turned in to promotion for a blog or website? Well I think yes, but yes you are indeed correct I don’t have any money for a TV advert! Yet!! So I need another option to try, what I’m thinking is a short video posted to a video sharing website such as youtube. You may of heard this method called viral marketing. It will have to be funny/entertaining or thought provoking, without again, directly promoting this website. Sounds a bit of a challenge, well I will give it a go, and write a follow up post in the next couple of weeks!




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  1. Yes, I saw it!It’s such an intelligent way of marketing the product. I wish I had that idea for advertising a product!You’re right it is sure way of a clever marketing.

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