BlogRush Gets the Boot, Hello Entrecard!

Entrecard, the internets answer to business cards
photo by robertgaal

Some may have noticed a little change. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, but if it is, hoping things will get better won’t solve the problem. So I have decided to remove BlogRush, the concept was good, but as I explained previously, the results were poor and have continued to be poor. But rather than remove a valuable connection to other similar blogs, I have decided to replace it with another blog network.


The basics, well think of it like a virtual business card. As in real life you can hand your business cards around to other businesses/blog owners who have the Entrecard widget. For this you earn credits, 1 for you and 1 to the person you give your card to. This is done by clicking on ‘Drop yours’ at the bottom of the widget. Feel free to do it on mine, but first you must create your Entrecard. You don’t need to be creative as there is a ‘card creator’ using some simple templates. The usual option of uploading your own is available to you also.

But also you can use your business card as an advert, you can place it on different blogs, this costs you credits. The amount depends on the popularity of that blog. Sadly it is not all that simple because thankfully the blog owner gets to review your card, before it gets displayed. Therefore cutting out spam and we should be pleased with that!

The reverse is also true, other bloggers can advertise on your site earning credits for you to spend!

Whether it will gain me valuable traffic, I will wait and see. Unlike BlogRush it is going to be more labour intensive, but that may be key to its success as it will be more of a ‘network’ of bloggers interacting.

Fingers crossed for Entrecard!


4 thoughts on “BlogRush Gets the Boot, Hello Entrecard!

  1. That’s a good move to make.

    EntreCard has a few potential flaws in it but at least it’s bringing in significant traffic for now.

  2. I like the design of your blog.
    I came here by Entreblog, It really works. First you get more traffic second you discover many good sites.

  3. Thanks to Entrecard I was able to visit your website.

    If you want to have more Entrecard credits, I’m giving away 2000 Entrecards in my contest. Feel free to visit my website for the details.



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