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Budget Time
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Well I hope you all had a good holiday, back at university now, apologies for the absence! I must try not to apologise in every post. Which brings me to my biggest flaw at university, my lack of time to do things I enjoy, or more importantly need to do. Probably this is down to me preferring to do things on the spur of the moment. Mind you I doubt I’m the only student who usually says yes to the offer of going to the pub! As people know TIME = MONEY, or for students TIME costs MONEY, and the fact is, the little ‘free’ time available often involves spending money for entertainment, e.g. cinema, pub, clubs, e.t.c.

Having a little extra time can save you money, an extra half hour in the evening could be used to cook a cost effective meal, rather than that expensive take-away or ready meal. Also that half hour could be used to finish that essay due in at 9am!

So what to do?

Plan, Plan, Plan ahead.

168 Hours you have each week, of which ideally you need to sleep 56 especially with exams ahead, therefore 112 Hours of usable time!

Obviously some of that is used up by work/lectures-

But you can:-

  • Get up in the morning (shock horror, students getting up on there days off, see zenhabits ideas if you need a little persuasion!)
  • Plan your meals in advance (no more thinking what shall I have for dinner, spending 10 mins thinking about it and then settling for the easy option.)
  • Set time specifically aside for work and play (sounds sensible but how many stick to it!)

Finally just remember time is like money, you always spend it, but unlike money you cannot earn it back. Just don’t cram to much in, a little relaxation (procrastination) time is always needed!

Still working on the time machine,


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