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Pancake Day!

photo by Paul Albertella

Yep, I couldn’t think of a better title. Today is a perfect excuse to have a go at making pancakes, the chance for students to work together perfecting the art of making and tossing pancakes. It is probable one of the best opportunities to get flat/house mates together for a fun cost effective meal!

Lets face it, this could be one of the cheapest meals you make all year, although it does depend on what topping takes your fancy!

Firstly, don’t bother with ready made pancake mixes, it is easy enough to make your own mix.

Here’s the recipe I use:


110g/3.9oz Plain Flour

2 Eggs

275ml/9.6fl oz Whole Milk



  1. Sieve flour into mixing bowl.
  2. Make a well in the flour and break the 2 eggs into well, whisk in eggs to make ‘dough’ like.
  3. Then slowly add milk whilst whisking, fork is suitable, although hard work!
  4. Melt a little butter into frying pan and add enough mix to cover bottom of pan.
  5. Turnover pancake once cooked on one side, or toss if you are skilled enough!
  6. Was cooked on both sides and serve with your favorite topping.

The recipe I use makes about 12ish depending on the size of frying pan used. You could also use water instead of totally milk, it’s just my preference.

The topping is upto you, I usually go for lemon juice and sugar, golden syrup or ‘Thunder & Lightning’, a Cornish topping with Cornish clotted cream and golden syrup drizzled on top. Although I’m sure there are plenty of delicious alternatives, maybe you can suggest some of your favourites for readers and me to try!

Hope you enjoyed your pancakes!Martyn.

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  1. Great blog post, keep it up 🙂

  2. Nothing beats good recipes just like pancakes done the old school way, yes? They make perfect snack choice yet easy on the budget and healthy, too.

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