Money Making Report No.3

Money Report
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Welcome to the third money making report, it doesn’t seem long since I did the last one.

A few developments, firstly I have signed up for Adtoll and Project Wonderful.

Secondly I have suffered from a couple of server problems, not of my own doing, I assure you! My hosting company has been most helpful in keeping customers informed about the state of play with the server that this and our other sites are based on. But I have lost 2 days traffic, may not sound much, but the collective effect may be damaging to traffic levels over the long run.

I have decided earnings from surveys will not be included, this is because they are sporadic and not influenced by my actions, although I will make the odd post about how that is going in the future.

This month will not see a breakdown of AdToll or Project Wonderful earnings, because they have not been running for a full month, also earnings are low ($0.20 and $1.45 respectively). Earnings from Project Wonderful may also be reinvested into advertising, therefore amount may go up and down. Posts on these two new advertising services will follow soon, but lets just say I am very impressed with Project Wonderful.

Down to business…

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $11.72 (approx £5.86) [+$5.00]

Received: $0


So far earned: £35 (approx $70) [+£5.00]

Received: £35

As with previous months money4banners continues to pay. Also Adsense is ticking over a little quicker in the last month.

Currently exploring possible new revenue streams, a thank you to all the companies that give me a heads up to there businesses through my contact form, I do read them, although I don’t always have time to work them into my current program. Rest assured they still remain at the back of my mind for a wet day.

Other possibilities I am currently exploring include:-

  • Setting up a couple of new blogs in different niches.
  • Investing in some domain names.
  • Redesign and refocus of
  • Affiliate Marketing of specific products.
  • Drop shipping.
  • Setting up and Ebay or Ecommerce site.

But I must not over stretch myself, so I will narrow this down to two ideas I think, got any other suggestion?


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