The 4 Pís of Marketing and your Blog, Promotion!

Marketing Mix
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Following on from my first, second and third installment in this series on the marketing mix, I would like to introduce the third ‘P’ of the 4 P’s.


Essentially if no one knows about a product it will never sell. Same with a blog (or website), if no one knows it exists, then no one will read it.

Firstly promotion is all about getting noticed, there are basically two ways to go about this-

  • Stand on a box, shout and scream.
  • Politely go round introducing yourself to everyone.

Ultimately what you do is up to you, there are many different ways such as –

  • Forums
  • Commenting on other Blogs
  • Join Communities (e.g. MyBlogLog or Blog Catalog)
  • Advertise
  • Email people
  • Submit to Search Engines.

The list goes on, but one thing to remember is blog promotion can be as time consuming as actually managing the blog. It can be made a lot easier if you have content that appeals to the market audience you target. Working in harmony with the other 3 P’s will give the greatest result and will hopefully catapult your blog to grater things.

Finally, Promotion is only one of the 4 Pís, the last installment – Place will be appearing soon. As before Promotion is an essential ingredient but it must also be blended with the 3 other Pís in order to gain the maximum effect.

Best of luck,


One thought on “The 4 Pís of Marketing and your Blog, Promotion!

  1. That’s a good piece of advice. I don’t want to stay in a box though, so I will introduce myself.

    So I take the second option. So here we go. Sir/Ma, my name is NAIJAECASH DOT COM I am a new blog that wish to be noticed. Please do well to give me a shout, thanks ūüôā

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