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Money Making Report No.4

Money Report
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Welcome to the fourth money making report, it doesn’t seem long since I did the last one.

Since signing up for Adtoll and Project Wonderful. I have also signed up for Amazon. This is great except I am only showing UK Amazon at the moment. Although I am currently setting up an Amazon.com affiliate account. Then with some nifty code I should be able to target visitors depending on what country they come from.

Thankfully I have had no server problems this month although I lost two days due to it being February!

As before I am not including any online survey earnings, although you may be interested to know that I have received 10 ($20) of shopping vouchers from Toluna.

You also may have noticed the moving of Adsense units, this is purely experimental following suggestions from visitors.

But now lets get to business…

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $16.36 (approx 8.18) [+$4.64]

Received: $0


So far earned: 40 (approx $80) [+5.00]

Received: 40


So far earned: $0.22 (approx 0.11)

Received: $0

Well AdToll has been pretty unimpressive so far, especially compared to Project Wonderful. For those wondering, Project Wonderful has brought in $2.87, I have yet to spend any of that on advertising yet.

Not much planned for the next month, due to work commitments. So it may get a little quiet as far as money making goes. Although I’m still waiting for a couple of affiliate programs to get back to me. I’m quietly confident they may bring a decent return. Hopefully more on that in the next report!

Until then best of luck,


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  1. It is so nice of you to share this. It will encourage those of us that are new in the game. Enough of people displaying 6digit incomes whithout posting what it was like when they started newly.
    Those 6digit figures can be somewhat intimidating to a newbie 😉
    So many newbie can easily relate with the result you shew above and I pray that you will have a steady upward movement in the income. Cheers 😉

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