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Money Making Report No.7

Money Report
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Welcome to theseventh money making report, here’s the last one.

Yep I’m a bit late, this report is from the middle of May to mid June. Exams have now finished, I’ve had a brief holiday before getting back into the swing of things. At least the summer should give me the time and opportunities to develop this blog as well as my other web projects I’m currently working on.

I have received my first and second paymentmatched.co.uk, both falling within this months report. Amazon has yet to return to any of my projects. About 7 projects are currently occupying my mind at the moment, from web hosting to a web community site.

But now lets see whats been happening…

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $22.65 (approx 9.56) [+$3.53]

Received: $0


So far earned: 47 (approx $100) [+47]

Received: 47


So far earned: 55 (approx $110) [+5]

Received: 55

Matched.co.uk has been very impressive, if not a little surprising. Money4Banners are good for what I provided but Matched.co.uk are even better. So if you cannot tell, I am very pleased with their service.

Online surveys and further investigations into money making online have taken a back seat over the last month. But I am trialling some stuff out, including affiliate marketing on various sites, we shall see if anything good turns up.

Now exams are over I will have more time and energy to devote to MMS!

As long as I don’t start any more projects…

Best of luck,


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  1. Wow, impressive numbers. There is really money in the internet, but earning it requires hardwork, and network. There is power in number. 🙂

    bloggistas last blog post..Diablo 3 Has Finally Come

  2. Pretty good amount… just how many blogs do you have to earn that kind of money from money4banners.. i signed up for matched and still have not got the ads… Let the fortune continue..

  3. Martyn @ MMSNo Gravatar

    Only one website, sadly MMS was not accepted. In relation to getting ads on matched it could take a month, there is even the possibility it wont get matched. I think they are planning on notifying publishers if their site cannot be matched to suitable ads. But otherwise it is a waiting game at the moment.

    Martyn @ MMSs last blog post..Money Making Report No.7

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