Money Making Report No.10

Money Report
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Welcome to the tenth money making report, here’s the last one.

A bit late, preparation for my third year at uni has taken priority!

Over the last month I have been considering whether posting more frequently will generate more revenue, or should I diversify more. The answer comes down to time. More posts would be detrimental to my general life, as I would have to devote more focus to this, whereas more websites involve research and the initial time investment and maintenance. Which is a better option? I am leaning towards the latter as that probably holds more interest for me. Daily posting seems a waste unless you really have something useful to say, otherwise you just dry up. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Back to finacial matters, Project Wonderful has returned in the form of 125×125 ads, these have been more successful although I still am not sure of them. But atleast they work a little better.

Now for the important numbers…

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $32.05 (approx 16.02) [+$7.11]

Received: $0

So far earned: 100 (approx $200) [+0]

Received: 100


So far earned: 65 (approx $130) [0]

Received: 65

Private Advertising

So far earned: 48.10 (approx $96.05) [+48.10]

Received: 48.10 and Money4Banners are late with their payment, which I’m quite dissapointed about. I will wait a little longer before shooting some emails at them. M4B has been late before and they did appoligise, so hopefully that will be resolved in the same way. is a case of watch this space…

On the brighter front, I have decided to accept suitable private advertising, which has been very successful. Although it will be unpredictable I suspect! But it may provide an interesting new income stream.

until next time best of luck,


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