Money Making Report No.13

Money Report
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Welcome to the thirteenth money making report, here’s the last one.

Well, this turned into a bad month! closed down on the 19th November 2008, which is obviously a great disappointment. had proved to be quite a handy little earner. For all its little drawbacks it will be missed. End of obituary. Time for some figures….

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $54.55 (approx 36.74) [+$10.10]

Received: $0 – now defunct

Total Earnt: 124 (approx $184)

Received: 124


So far earned: 65 (approx $96.49) [0]

Received: 65

Private Advertising

So far earned: 48.10 (approx $70.50) [+0]

Received: 48.10

With taken out of the equation and Money4Banners not reinstated yet, the only thing to look at is AdSense. AdSense are never going to be a big earner unless I have more visitors, but relatively, this month was quite good. So the search goes on for an immediate replacement to In the current ecconomic climate, I cannot see a similar offering comming along. Possibly private advertising is the route to go? Or maybe just pay per click, such as AdSense. It is worth noting I’m past the half way point in terms of recieving my first payment from Google. Hopefully I will make that Milestone early in 2009!

Best of luck,


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