Money Making Report No.14

Money Report
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Welcome to the fourteenth money making report, here’s the last one.

Ah well, with the world well and truly up to the neck in financial uncertainty, it makes me wonder whether good news still exists. I personally think the best way forward is to keep away from the general pessimism of the media. I know in a media driven society this is nearly impossible. But with any positive attitudes trampled on by the media, it seems any motivation to push towards economic recovery is tethered. Take the slamming of a British minister for saying “…she could see a few green shoots…”. Chin up and smile, that’s all I’m going to say! Now for some figures….

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $59.36 (approx 40.26) [+$4.81]

Received: $0 – now defunct

Total Earned: 124 (approx $184)

Received: 124


So far earned: 65 (approx $96.49) [0]

Received: 65

Private Advertising

So far earned: 48.10 (approx $70.50) [+0]

Received: 48.10

Nothing of note to really mention at the moment, I have seen no return from TradeDoubler as of yet, but I suppose I am still experimenting with which adverts work and which don’t. Signing up for eBay again is a must, they used to be part of a network and then decided to set up their own. Which is a nuisance, but I reckon Amazon’s own affiliate system ain’t bad, so it could be ok!

Until next time best of luck,


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