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Free Cinema Tickets

Want to got to the cinema for free. Several websites such as See Film First offer opportunities to see films just before or as they are released. For the film companies and cinemas, this helps start word of mouth advertising. From time to time you will be emailed codes to enter to get up to two free tickets. Usually strange times though. Other alternatives include The Film Factory and Momentum Pictures. If you don’t want to sign up, you can often find codes here.

TV Show Tickets

Watch your favorite shows for free when they are recorded, you can browse BBC shows here, or sign up to Applausestore.com and TV Recordings. Tickets are free. Unless you have a queue jump or guaranteed seat, arriving early is recommended to guarantee getting in.

TV on Demand

With the launch of the BBC iPlayer watching the shows you like at a time convenient to you has never been easier. Also Channel 4’s older 4oD service is worth checking out and ITV’s new Catch Up service.

Free Singles

Lots of music companies and sites are embracing the benefits of distributing free music, this includes iTunes and last.fm who offer singles for free. Artists range from the well known to the up and coming. Also take a look at 7digital and MP3.com.

Streaming Music

A short advertisement at the start of many tracks help to allow We7 stream albums and singles from top artists including Michael Jackson, Mark Ronson and Queen. Although the ads are very short and there are options to download the tracks.

Online Radio

Radiopaq allows you access the most popular radio stations around the world including Radio 1. Other popular stations include BBC Radio 2, Virgin, KISS and Magic.

Mash-ups + Remixes

Fans and DJ’s often make free remixes and mash-ups of great songs. They range in quality from the good to the down right awful. But Get Your Bootleg On is a forum where you can find links to some recommended tracks. Also Best of Bootie is an annual album which has some amazing tracks. My favorite tracks originating from Party Ben and dj lobsterdust.


The internet is awash with some amazing comics, ranging in quality, but I would recommend xkcd for the geeky, also take a look at Cyanide & Happiness or the list of webcomics at Wikipedia


Youtube is littered with some really entertaining animations, a search for ‘animation’ or ‘cartoons’ will lead you to some great videos. But one of the more famous cartoons is Weebl & Bob, even more interesting animations can be found on Aniboom.

Got your own suggestions? Please leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “50 Fab Freebies – Entertainment

  1. Some good tips. I wasn’t aware of the movie theater ticket offers, so that’s something to check into (assuming the film is any good, that is… 🙂

  2. another really good one for going to show recordings is SRO audiences for shows like mock the week, 8 out of ten cats 🙂

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