5 thoughts on “50 Fab Freebies

  1. Hello, just to correct the previous comment

    “Good job mentioning the BBC iPlayer, which is great, no need for a tv (students have to pay a 130 a year license each to watch tv!) and has all the shows recorded for you, its great.”

    Students will still have to pay a TV license fee for watching BBC Iplayer, please read the small print on the back of your TV license.

    In Fact, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get away with NOT having a TV license if you have any form of technology that can stream from the web, it is unfair, but it is true.

    Basically, if you dont want to pay the TV License, you DEFINITELY dont want to have the BBC Iplayer on your PC!

  2. One of the best free services ever invented by the internet was VoIP and Skype is still my favorite – being able to chat to anyone around the world at minimal cost is truly wonderful!

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