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20 Places to Buy, Sell, and Rent Cheap Textbooks Online

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This guest post is by Karen Schweitzer from

Buying university textbooks from a campus bookstore is expensive, and selling never yields as much as one would expect. Students who are looking to save money should go straight to the web. There are tons of places online offering deals that cannot be found in a campus store.

Here are 20 places where students can buy, sell, and rent cheap textbooks online:


JS Campus – JS Campus is the UK’s leading student bookseller. Students can receive regular deals on textbooks and shipping.

Better World Books – Students can buy both new and used textbooks through this online book seller. Shipping is cheap–only $3.97 worldwide.

Amazon Textbooks – Students who shop Amazon can save from 30 to 90 percent on new and used textbooks. Amazon is also a good source for study guides, reference books, and prep guides. – is a great place to find cheap textbooks online. Students can choose from new and used books and can save more 10 percent off Amazon book pricing.

Powell’s – The largest independent book store in the world, Powell’s offers a wide variety of in-print and out-of-print textbooks at discounted prices.

Waterstone’s – Waterstone’s offers significant discounts on books and free shipping in the UK.

Blackwell – Nicknamed the "knowledge retailer", Blackwell has one of the largest collections of academic texts online. Books can be purchased new or secondhand.

Biblio – With millions of new and secondhand textbooks, chances are Biblio has the text you need. Biblio also features wonderful customer service for students who need help with textbook buying.

The Book Depository – This online book seller offers free worldwide delivery on textbooks and other academic texts.

iChapters – This unique site allows students to decide how they want to purchase textbooks. Students can buy an entire textbook or single chapters.


AbeBooks – Although they are better known for selling books, AbeBooks also has a buyback service for students who want to sell their textbooks. More than one million titles are eligible for buyback.

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5 Ways to Save Money When Youíre a Student

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This guest post is by Heidi Taylor from Graduate degree online.

Itís not something most students are programmed to do, but itís something that makes really good sense. The habit of saving for a rainy day is an aberration for the young, what with their tendency to live for today and take tomorrow as it comes. But the cost of university is high, and if you donít realize that today, youíre going to end up with a huge debt and no way of repaying it when you graduate, especially because of the way the economy is and because jobs are hard to come by. If youíre looking for ways to save money while at university, here are a few tips to help you along:

  • Donít use your credit card: Weíve all heard that a penny saved is a penny earned; in the case of credit cards, a penny not spent is more than penny saved when you calculate the amount of interest youíre saving. Donít get into the habit of charging things to your card. Remember, youíre spending money that you do not have but which is borrowed, and on which you will owe interest if you donít repay it within a certain time. Continue reading 5 Ways to Save Money When Youíre a Student

Student Loan Interest Rate 09/10 Uncertainty


*UPDATE 18/05/09* From September 09 the interest rate will be 0% for post ’98 loans. For Pre ’98 loans the interest will be -0.4%. Find out more here.

Will student loan interest rate be negative next year?

Yes, if the Government follow their method for calculating interest rate for post (and Pre) 1998 loans. The rate as of March 2009 stands at 1.5% (post ’98). This is calculated, according to Student Loans Company website (the company who collects and distributes the money on behalf of the Government):

“Student loans are not like commercial loans. They are subsidised by Government and attract a low cost interest rate. This interest rate is based on the annual March Retail Price Index (RPI) or the highest base rate of a number of major banks plus 1%; whichever is lower. Continue reading Student Loan Interest Rate 09/10 Uncertainty