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This guest article was written by Richard Hemby who regularly writes about online business degrees and college related topics for Online College Guru, an online college degree guide.

Being a student, it can be tough to manage money, as well as establish savings. There are various websites and tools available on the internet today that can help students with these problems. Following is some resources that can be used in helping students with money management.

BillHighway – This website has tools that can help sororities and fraternities manage their funds. Paying the rent, buying group gifts, and managing chapter finances can all be done here.

Mint – Connects to over 5,000 banks and credit unions, credit card, brokerage, and mutual fund companies. Automatically keeps transactions and account balances up to date and will even auto-balance your checkbook. Not to be confused with Shaun Inman’s Mint Analytics Software.Very different.

MoneyStrands (previously expensr) – A dependable solution for a student’s simple finances. Can create budgets and has forecasting tools as well.

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Sections of the book cover the likely costs of going university, including accommodation, food, study costs, socialising…And how to budget successfully.

Also the book has:

  • A unique list of bursaries and scholarships
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Climate Change: Are we Missing the Point?

Global Warming
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This is a post to mark Blog Action Day, where bloggers unite on one day to discuss a pressing issue, this year it is climate change. It is after all important to most students since we are the future, why do we have to inherit the mess?

So, the climate is in turmoil, politicians are talking about change. But will it ever happen or is it a case of too little too late?

My focus of this post is on the problem areas. For sure a lot is being done, but is everyone pulling their weight?

  • Car manufacturers are moving towards alternatives to the internal combustion engine
  • Oil companies are pumping money into alternative energy sources
  • Recycling is steadily increasing
  • Household are reducing their “carbon footprint”

This is all well and good but is it solving the problem? Without doubt every little helps. But I can’t help noticing some industries which are hiding in the shadows. These include:

It may seem to be an odd 4 industries to highlight, for sure there are more which should be on this list.

The problem is the world is still growing.

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