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Hotmail was the early trend setter but has rapidly being caught by Google Mail, not forgetting Yahoo Mail. The list of free email services goes on forever, so I will stop there, as those 3 will suit the vast majority looking for a simple easy to use email service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Instant Messaging

MSN messenger (now live messenger) has always dominated here, but there are some surprisingly good alternatives such as the web based Meebo. Meebo allows you to keep your friends on all different services in one place. With it being online, you can keep your mates informed and updated where ever you are. Another option is Pidgin this is a downloadable application, that has similar functions as Meebo, but doesn’t take up space whilst your browsing the internet. So it is up to personal preference.

Free Phone Calls

I have previously discussed the advantages of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) here and here. The first service I ever used was Skype, the most well known VoIP operator. VoIP allows you to talk to people on other computers for free and even make cheap phone calls to landlines and mobiles. There are other operators such as Truphone. Also most of the major instant messaging software is now beginning to offer the service integrated with their new releases.


We’re quickly becoming a wireless world, but until everywhere is covered by wireless internet access, sites like Free Hotspot will have to fill the gap. So you want to work away from home, uni or work. Well Wi-Fi Hotspot Directory will tell you where you can go and still access the internet whilst on the move. Not so good if it’s raining but there are plenty of indoor locations. I recommend trying both as some hot spots only appear on one site and not both.

Social Networking

Facebook, do I need to go any further? With MySpace pages looking as tidy as the average teenagers bedroom, it was no supprise the clean look of Facebook won over so many students. Then they added apps and now we seem to be going full circle. Then there is the young upstart, bebo and who knows what will be next…

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