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Want that little bit extra taken off your shopping bill? At CouponNET you will find vouchers to print off. These can usually be redeemed in most of the supermarkets. Also other sites offer regular vouchers, such as Greggs the Bakers. If you want codes to use online then My Voucher Codes is your best bet for the latest hot discount codes. VoucherCodes.com offer a similar service.

Discount Cards

Every student has one of the most important discount cards, the Student identity card. Flash everywhere even if there is no sign of the place offering discount. You will be surprised how successful it can be. I would avoid the NUS Extra card as I see it as unnecessary expense for the discounts you get. One other discount card of note is the Bite Card that will give you 20% off at food outlets on stations. So if you often travel by train it is a must.

Free Stuff

Recycling is all the rage at the moment, so why not use it to your advantage. Freecycle is a scheme where people offer goods to give away that they no longer use/need. All sorts of things get given away from chairs and desks to fridges. The only problem is picking the larger items up. Also you can give back anything you don’t need. With plenty of local groups, you are sure to find something of interest, although it is first come, first served.

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