Money Making Student, What’s That?! formerly known as Martyn’s Blog
Well, I’m a student trying to help myself and others make money, whilst studying at university, by trying and showing just how you and I can make money online. As well as sharing handy tips on saving money and enjoying the university experience!

The objectives of Money Making Student are:

  • Share Money Making Ideas
  • Give Out Student Money Saving Tips
  • Find the Best Websites for Students

You will find this and more on MMS!

About Me!

Hi, I’m Martyn, a 21 year old chemistry student at Cardiff Uni. Other than that there’s not a lot of facts I can interest or scare you with. Things I like to do in my spare time, if I can ever find some, include football, badminton, cycling, messing about with gizmo’s and gadgets, old stuff and playing around on the wonder web developing websites, whilst trying to understand social media.

Despite being only just the wrong side of 21, I have over ten years experience of developing websites, from helping my primary school to Money Making Student. A varied portfolio of sites have come, been, and gone from science to football. But now I focus on blogging, web development and affiliate marketing.

You�re welcome to contact me anytime. Or Follow me on Twitter.