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Where Will You Work in the Future?

Every student comes to a point where they will finish uni and need to look for a job. But where do you look for that next job opportunity?

Meet Barnabas Smythe. BS is king of the BS and he’ll BS you under the table any day, any time !
But don’t let that put you off – if you fancy joining the best of the best of the BS
then he’s got some great opportunities available, Be it in a global company, diverse opportunities,
or working in a cutting-edge market !

So if you’ve got what it takes then he’ll want to hear from you !
Now where’s my skinny-wet, extra hot, double-shot maya macchiato ?!

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Brand New Pages – 50 Fab Freebies

Time for a Pint
photo by mfajardo

Been a bit quieter of late, but I have been working hard on some new pages!

50 Fab Freebies

I have tried to collect together the best resources that are firstly free and secondaly a great help to students like me! If you see any more great sites out there let me know and they will be added.

More stuff coming soon, with the start of term not far away!



Money Making Report No.9

Money Report
photo by jenn_jenn’s

Welcome to the ninth (I always thought it was spelt nineth, but apparently not!) money making report, here’s the last one.

It has been a strange month, I seem to be gaining external commitments, even though I was trying to cut down my work load. Too much of a workaholic. Did get a bit of work done here, the design is being steadily tidied up. The ‘Useful Stuff’ section being the major addition.

Project Wonderful was dropped, partly due to the poor returns, but mainly due to the lack of advertisers. It seems the 234*60 still lacks the popularity. 125*125 advertisers are very common on PW. I assume this is partly due to the effect of Entrecard.

    A quick congratulations to all those who got their A level results, I hope they were what you were after. I will try and put some freshers related posts up before the start of the next uni semester.

    Now for the money status… [Read more]

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