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Lets Have The Savings!

Every day thousands of people save millions of pounds on their household bills using But what do people do with the money theyíve saved? We challenged customers to make a short video to tell us what they did with their savings.

Think youíre funny? Take part in the Letís Have the Savings viral campaign and you could win £500.

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British Airways is helping British talent take off

British Airways is looking for talented people who are ambitious and committed to excelling in their field. Whether their interest lies in fashion, art and design, innovation, sport, community or performing arts, British Airways could help them.
BA Great Britons
In the spirit of the London 2012 Games, British Airways is launching GreatBritons, a scheme dedicated to supporting emerging British talent. This scheme will look for individuals who demonstrate the values associated with Olympic and Paralympic Games and who strive to be the best that they can be.
British Airways Great Britons
There are 180 flights available to any British Airways destination in the world, to give people the opportunity to follow their dream to the next level.
British Airways Great Britons
All they have to do is share a little about themselves and say how they would use this great opportunity to develop their talent. Final winners are decided by public votes, so it is a chance for them to get plenty of exposure too.
BA Great Britons
Whatever their passion is, itís easy to take part in this once in a lifetime chance by clicking here to visit the Great Britons website.

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Where Will You Work in the Future?

Every student comes to a point where they will finish uni and need to look for a job. But where do you look for that next job opportunity?

Meet Barnabas Smythe. BS is king of the BS and he’ll BS you under the table any day, any time !
But don’t let that put you off – if you fancy joining the best of the best of the BS
then he’s got some great opportunities available, Be it in a global company, diverse opportunities,
or working in a cutting-edge market !

So if you’ve got what it takes then he’ll want to hear from you !
Now where’s my skinny-wet, extra hot, double-shot maya macchiato ?!

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