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A-levels Results Day: The 3 Options

empty exam desks
photo by dcJohn

I suspect most have their results by now, suddenly it is decision time.

For those of you lucky enough to get the results that allow you to go to the uni of your choice, congratulations, you may as well stop reading now and go to the pub.

If your results didn’t go your way there remains 2 options, change direction/resit or clearing.

Since the first option is totally up to you, I’m going to look at the clearing process.

Firstly you need to look at when and where, don’t panic time and rush into a decision you will regret. Try contacting the uni’s you applied for first as often they will consider those who just missed the grades.

Rather than write out a whole ‘keep optimistic’ post. I decide to find the best stuff to give you advice.

Best of luck,


p.s. a gap year is the often forgotten option…

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