The BlogRush Effect

Clicks from BlogRushToday I’m going to look at BlogRush, is it worth the space it takes on my blog?

Firstly, before I discuss BlogRush, apologies for the lack of posts in the last week, university work takes priority at moment. This has been holding me back a little of late, but not to worry my desk is slowly becoming more visible, after hiding under pages of half finished practical write ups!

Well then BlogRush has been causing a bit of a stir over the last few months! For those of you who haven’t heard of BlogRush here’s what it is and how it works:-

It’s aim according to the website,

“BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need:
More Readers For Their Blog.

This is done by hosting a widget, as seen in the top right of this page, on your blog (a simple piece of code). This widget then shows the latest blog post titles, that may be of interest to your readers. For showing the widget you get credit for each time the widget is displayed in front of one of your readers. This then leads to your blog post titles being shown on other blogs in your niche, equal to as many credits you have ‘earned’. Also low traffic blogs get bonus credits to try and help them along!

But does it work, lets take one of my recent posts as an example. “Easy Money, No Hassle, How?” this post has been shown, according to BlogRush, 3875 times from which I got 2 readers. This may sound pretty poor, but looking at my server stats, these visitors were unique, spent longer and looked at more pages than the average visitor. The downside is other posts have been shown on a couple of thousand blogs, but I have gained no readers from them.

So ultimately is it good or bad? Well to gain anything you have to write post titles that grab peoples attention or make them curious. Otherwise it is likely to fail, I suggest you read Brian Clark’s post over at copyblogger –

10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work

But the traffic you will gain will be high quality, but, small quantity. If you are trying to make money this may not be what you are after. If on the other hand your blog is just for personal enjoyment on a niche subject I don’t see why you shouldn’t try it. For me, it will stay another month or two. I don’t believe in quitting early, because you just don’t know what is around the next corner. But if it’s performance doesn’t improve I might have to review BlogRush’s placement on this blog.

A little patience is needed, me thinks!



4 thoughts on “The BlogRush Effect

  1. Do you like providing free advertising for blogs that are fronts for affiliate offers? That’s what you’re doing right now on your site. 2 of the 5 links you’re showing go to affiliate offers, not blogs, thanks to redirection.

  2. Hi Frank,
    I’m not sure which links you are referring too, but I do include affiliate links if they are a benefit to readers and to me. As long as no excess is put on the normal price of the product to generate commission for the publisher, me. I hope none of my original links are being redirected to other sites that were not intentionally linked to. I will try and check this, otherwise I hope the links are to useful content, with relation to the post. If you spot any doing strange things let me know! Cheers.

  3. I personally got no traffic from it nor did I gain any readers or comments or anything so I took it off my site. I don’t think it’s worth the space it takes up.

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