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Money Making Report No.8

Money Report
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Welcome to the eighth money making report, here’s the last one.

After blowing away the cob webs that were forming on this site, I found I haven’t written anything constructive since my last report. Disappointing, but I’m nearly ready to put some effort into this. Losing the internet for two weeks didn’t help my life. But it did at least allow me to get some work done on some web projects without distraction.

If I want to move forward I need some targets, to help motivate and focus my mind. So here’s my plan for the next year, from now.

  1. Complete web project A by end of July 08
  2. Complete web project B by end of September 08
  3. Complete web project C by end of October 08
  4. Complete web project D by end of December 08
  5. Complete web project E by end of March 09
  6. And Finally achieve revenue of £500 ($1000) per month by July 09.

By revenue I mean my income from my activities online only. This is only a skeleton plan but hopefully I will add some fine detail to this over the coming months ahead. It’s a start and I hope not too ambitious.

Right to the important stats for the month since the last report… [Read more]

Money Making Report No.7

Money Report
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Welcome to the†seventh money making report, here’s the last one.

Yep I’m a bit late, this report is from the middle of May to mid June. Exams have now finished, I’ve had a brief holiday before getting back into the swing of things. At least the summer should give me the time and opportunities to develop this blog as well as my other web projects I’m currently working on.

I have received my first and second payment†matched.co.uk, both falling within this months report. Amazon has yet to return to any of my projects. About 7 projects are currently occupying my mind at the moment, from web hosting to a web community site.

But now lets see whats been happening… [Read more]

How to Display Matched.co.uk Adverts on WordPress Blogs

matched.co.uk php code
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If you’re afraid of PHP code or don’t know what a widget is, run away. This is really a follow on post from my introduction to matched.co.uk. The problem with matched.co.uk is you have to submit absolute web urls. This is fine if you are going to drop the ad code into the main body of the page, say at the bottom of your about page. But this may disrupt the appearance of your blog. Ideally you would like to put adverts in your sidebar, but the sidebar is displayed the same on every page/post. This is where a little PHP code saves the day.

What you will need:

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