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How to Display Matched.co.uk Adverts on WordPress Blogs

matched.co.uk php code
photo by totalAldo

If you’re afraid of PHP code or don’t know what a widget is, run away. This is really a follow on post from my introduction to matched.co.uk. The problem with matched.co.uk is you have to submit absolute web urls. This is fine if you are going to drop the ad code into the main body of the page, say at the bottom of your about page. But this may disrupt the appearance of your blog. Ideally you would like to put adverts in your sidebar, but the sidebar is displayed the same on every page/post. This is where a little PHP code saves the day.

What you will need:

Easy Money, No Hassle, How?

Even this amazed me, I’m sure many of you are aware of the ways websites earn money. Sign up to an advertising company as a publisher. Then show adverts on their behalf, you then earn either by commission or per click on the advert you are showing. The problem with this is you need traffic to generate the clicks and therefore the revenue. Not good if you are starting out like me.

But there is an alternative, place an advert on 3 pages of your website, earn 10 for signing up and then 5 per month as long as you keep the adverts on the 3 pages.

Who then would do an offer like this? – money4banners .

The website looks a bit tacky and unbelievable, but I have been paid my initial signing up fee, 10, into my paypal account. So I’m pleased with them so far, but I await my first fiver. I will keep you posted on whether that materialises!

If you want the U.S. version use money4banners.com Although you only get $10 initially, and $5 monthly, half what you get for the UK version.

If you find it useful let me know!



image: www.freeimages.co.uk