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Is the Grass Greener on the Otherside?


Whilst trawling through the internet for ideas, I came across this – blog action day! The aim of this is to get as many bloggers to post about the environment on the 15th October (today). With the aim I guess to help raise awareness about environmental issues to a wider audience. Whether this show of people power will have much influence on higher powers within society, I don’t know. Although anything is worth a try, especially with so many people writing blogs, or indeed reading them.

Hence why I’m going to join in!

So here goes, I suspect a good majority may choose to post about global warming and the greenhouse effect, therefore I’m going to steer clear of this well covered subject.

What I’m going to discuss is rubbish, yes that lovely waste of space that surrounds your food, whether its cardboard or plastic based it still seems to fail to find its way to rubbish bins or even better to suitable facilities where it can be recycled. How often do you go for a walk in the countryside or local parks, to find a coke can failing miserably to hide in the grass, or the chocolate bar wrapper which fails to blend in with the leaves being blown by? Surely it is easy for someone to have –

a.) But it in the nearest bin,


b.) Take it home and dispose of it.

Yes I know it might not be a big issue in relation to global warming, but if we can’t be responsible for the local environment we live in, how can we ever be responsible for the planet we live on?

Until next blog action day, be clean, think green and look after the environment you live in!

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New term, New challenges

CoinsBeen a while since I last posted on here, I apologise for my absence. Usual excuses, lack of time as well as been a way from a computer with internet access. Well I’m back now and have set myself new challenges for my second year at uni. As many fellow students will know money gets a bit tight whilst at uni, whether this is down to drinking (most likely) or just poor budgeting/spending of money on student ‘essentials’ (less likely to admit to!).

So for this year I have planned to see whether I can earn a decent amount of money just from this blog and purplesunset.co.uk. How I’m going to do this, we will just have to wait and see. At the moment, I have started by using Google’s Adsense, you probably have seen a massive growth in these small adverts appearing on websites everywhere over the last few years. It works by the publisher (me) receives money for every click on an advert. The advertiser pays for the clicks, with google acting as the middle men, sorting which adverts would be best suited to the webpage, and taking their cut of the money.

Another road I am trying is by using banner advertising at the top of the page, with these adverts the publisher usually gets commission on any sales by a customer who originated from the publishers website. This is the aim in theory at least!

Also over the coming months I will try to give tips on getting the most out of student life on a shoestring, as well as discussing the website, which I have just finished converting to php programming! Took a while, but hopefully now it should be easier to modify and add to! Any ideas more than welcome! Time for some food me thinks …

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