How to Search Google, Effectively

Google Search
photo by Danard Vincente

Searching Google or other search engines effectively can be time consuming. Knowing how to find the gold value websites from the fools gold can be a nightmare.

With the increase in popularity of starting your own website or writing your own blog, the internet is becoming full of ‘noise’. That is sites that are content poor, or not appropriate to the subject you are searching for.

Cutting out this noise is a challenge for everyone, search engines included. Although the likes off Google try their best in giving results that match what you search for, it doesn’t always work.

That gem of a website you were looking for could be on page 5. How are you expected to find/ know about that? Well there are some things you can do to cut out the rubbish, by using filters and other techniques.

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Money Making Report No.14

Money Report
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Welcome to the fourteenth money making report, here’s the last one.

Ah well, with the world well and truly up to the neck in financial uncertainty, it makes me wonder whether good news still exists. I personally think the best way forward is to keep away from the general pessimism of the media. I know in a media driven society this is nearly impossible. But with any positive attitudes trampled on by the media, it seems any motivation to push towards economic recovery is tethered. Take the slamming of a British minister for saying “…she could see a few green shoots…”. Chin up and smile, that’s all I’m going to say! Now for some figures….

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