Money Making Report No.5

Money Report
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Welcome to the fifth money making report, it doesn’t seem long since I did the last one.

I have neglected my Internet interests over the last month due to university commitments (the work keeps on piling up!) Not surprisingly due to the lack of posts, traffic to this site has dwindled, therefore the money making situation for last month was quite poor.

On the bright side I did receive my first voucher from Valued Opinions for 10 to spend at Tesco. Also I signed up for more about them in the next money report.

You also may have noticed a new design. I still see blogging as trial and error, unless I try something I will remain curious, I am still human after all!

But now lets get to business…

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $16.61 (approx 8.30) [+$0.25]

Received: $0


So far earned: 40 (approx $80) [+0]

Received: 40


So far earned: $0.22 (approx 0)

Received: $0

AdToll has been removed for now due to lack of space and poor performance. I have also omitted Amazon, basically because there is nothing to report!

Money4Banners has been the disappointment this month, failing to pay, an apology was received via email for a delay, although my account now claims I have been credited. I think I may now have to chase that one up. Update: 5 now received, will include this value in the next money report.

Should get more posts done this month, i have already drafted several up in preparation.

Hopefully more to report on that in the next report!

Until then best of luck,


4 thoughts on “Money Making Report No.5

  1. Hi its Dan here from AdToll and I just saw your post.

    Just wanted to give you some advice… I noticed your earnings with any network are not all that impressive and its because of a couple of things.

    1) Traffic – You need to work on traffic.
    2) Unique content – there’s literally thousands of blogs like this, you need to give something really unique and have a unique value proposition to build a loyal subscription base.
    3) Ad Placement – work on blending better. Users can clearly see your right hand bar is packed full of ads… there eyes will not even wander over there but remain fixed to the left hand side where the content is.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Dan,
    thanks for the advice, I agree with what you are saying. I think AdToll would work really well if I had more traffic. At the moment this is a very crowded niche. So expecting advertisers to be interested in blogs like mine at this stage is wishful thinking! Thanks also for the advice on placement, I will get to work on that.


    P.S. Please can we have a 234*60 Half Banner soon!

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