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Money Making Report No.11

Money Report
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Welcome to the eleventh money making report, here’s the last one.

Well not a lot has happened!

Not a lot to report other than a brand new header design, a bit more tidying up of the theme will also be undertaken. I won’t bore you with sore random rubbish, so here’s the important numbers…

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $37.71 (approx 23.62) [+$5.66]

Received: $0


So far earned: 112 (approx $183.70) [+12.00]

Received: 112


So far earned: 65 (approx $106.61) [0]

Received: 65

Private Advertising

So far earned: 48.10 (approx $78.85) [+0]

Received: 48.10

I must firstly apologise to money4banners for wrongly saying they had failed to pay me for last month. In fact it turns out that I had a coding error. Therefore the advert was not shown. What disappoints me is there is no attempt of notifying you of the error. Unlike matched.co.uk who give you a daily status email. Although I do question how good their spider is. I think it may be a little blind as it seems to come up with inaccurate information.

As for making money, I’ve decided to take a back seat this month and what a month it has been! With the credit crunch, fluctuating world markets and exchange rates, I’ve decided to take a step away from things so I can just watch and listen.

I like many have been amazed at how brittle the financial system was. But is it a good time to make a quick buck online? With companies tightening their belts, money is less likely to be thrown at internet marketing without a lot more consideration. One thing I have noticed is cost per click seems to have improved, from a publishers point of view? Is this related to the current economic climate?

I think a little more time and the situation will become a bit clearer, hopefully making day to day business easier.

Until next time best of luck,


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