Money Making Report No. 2

Money Report
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Welcome to the second money making report, it doesn’t seem long since I did the last one.

Still nothing to shout about, although traffic is increasing, so there is potential to earn money. Any income is a plus at this early stage. Especially since I have not put much effort in over the last month.

So my earnings so far –


So far earned: $6.72 (approx 3.36) [+$1.14]

Received: $0


So far earned: 30 (approx $60) [+5.00]

Received: 30

As you can see money4banners continues to pay. Also Adsense is till ticking over.

I am currently debating whether I should include earnings from online surveys, or whether I should keep them separate due to them not always paying in cash, vouchers being the common reward.

A post about online surveys is on the way, so I should have decided by then.

Best of luck,


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